Corporate vs. Firm PR

One of the most important decisions after graduation is deciding where you want to work. This all depends on the type of work that you want to do as well. Depending on what type of PR interests you will depend on the environment that you will work in. Two of top ways to find work in the public relations field are through corporations and firms. These two types of PR will influence how you will approach the work and the type of work that you will do.

Corporations have a very different environment than firms. To help define what the difference between the two is, Ken Kadet’s definition explains, “Agency folks have to work their ‘what should they do muscles.’  Corporate flexes their ‘what can we do’ muscles” (Kadet Comm, 2012). To further elaborate the differences between the two, it is best to look at the type of relation one would have with their clients in each situation. For those in a corporation, the only client PR Pros have to worry about is the actual corporation. Being employed by a corporation means that your main priority is making sure the public image of the company is upheld to its highest possible standards.

Life in a firm tends to be a little different than life in a corporation. Where corporate life tends to focus on the corporation employing you, working for a firm is a little different. According to Al Maiorino, “Firms have creative, original ways to grab the target public’s attention amid thousands of media outlets swarming with messages. Messages help develop a brand, create an image and ultimately provide publicity an organization needs” (Coal Age, 2012). Firms do this not only for one client or company, but for many companies or clients at the same time. Life in an agency or firm tends to be very stressful if you aren’t organized, mainly due to the sheer size of clients that an individual has to juggle at any given time.

There are obviously some advantages and disadvantages to each of these types of work. For example, agency and firm workers tend to have greater diversity in their day to day jobs. However, because they work with so many clients, they aren’t able to fully put themselves into the client’s shoes like a corporation could. With a corporation, you might not have very much variety in the type of work that you will be doing, but you will be much more capable of seeing the viewpoint of the company you work for. Overall, the differences between corporate PR and firm PR are very easy to pick apart. Depending on the type of person you are will depend on which type of PR is right for you. Some people might enjoy knowing what their job will consist of on most days, while others strive on improvising and always taking on new challenges. Life at a corporation and firm may be different, but the core of PR still is alive and well in both of these lines of work.

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